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Naučná stezka Zlatý kůň

The educational trail informs the visitors directly in the terrain about an inanimate as well as living nature of Koněprusy territory. The distinctive ridge of Zlatý kůň is a worldwide known geological location. It is in its biggest part formed by white, pure Koněprusy limestone with coloured benchlike Suchomasty limestones and younger akantopygic limestones in the overburden. The limestones were deposited on the bottom of a shallow, sunny sea in the older paleozoic era – in devonian, approximately 405–380 million years ago. Koněprusy limestones are basically a fossilized cliff similar to contemporary coral reefs that was formed by millions of individuals of sea animals, today already extinct. Numerous fossils, primarily of crinoids, corals, brachiopods, gastropods, trilobites and others, can therefore be found in the quarries on the hillside of Zlatý kůň. Closely tied to the limestone bedrock is the contemporary thermophilous and xerophilous flora and rich fauna, especially invertebrates. The influence of a man is recently of significance – the biggest cave system in the Czech republic, Koněprusy caves, were discovered because of limestone mining, as well as a range of smaller karst phenomena. The quarries also revealed rich paleontological deposits. Besides, interesting stratigraphical profiles and contacts of individual limestone facies were also uncovered. Not surprisingly, Zlatý kůň was classified as a significant location within NATURA 2000, a system of most significant protected areas within the European Union. Koněprusy territory is richly visited by tourists, the Koněprusy caves which are open to the public have about 100 000 visitors each year. While walking the educational trail please pay attention to nature as well as to the notices in the individual stations. Be cautious at the edges of the quarry walls, you could fall and die!

List of stops

  1. Karst rock steppes
  2. Zlatý kůň – the peak
  3. Limestone mining and revitalisation of deserted quarries
  4. Woody plants in the Zlatý kůň territory
  5. National natural monument Zlatý kůň – Quarry Houbův lom
  6. Broadleaf thermophilic lawns
  7. Acanthopygic quarry
  8. Overgrown quarry
  9. Quarry Na Kobyle
  10. Agricultural exploitation of landscape
  11. General informations


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