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Around Bzenec Oak Forest


Above the town of Bzenec, there is a small hill offering a good view of the surrounding countryside. It is no wonder then, that on such an elevated place in an otherwise flat area a castle had been built. Its origins, however, are unclear. Some historical sources indicate that it could have been a castle called Buzinc, burnt out by the Czech prince Oldrich already in 1015. The first clear written reference of the castle comes from 1231, when it was listed as a property of the Czech queen Konstancia.

small hill over Bzenec

In the Middle Ages the castle belonged to a long line of different owners. During the Hussite Wars (1419 – 1434) the castle was seized by the Hussite army and burnt out. The stones from the fortification were probably used later on by the inhabitants of the town for building houses. Only an inconspicuous outline of the original walls could testify where it had once stood. The ruins visible on the hill today are those of the Baroque Chapel of St Florian built in the 18th century.

Bzenec Old Castle (1915)

According to a legend, the underground part of the castle is still intact. One of the stories tells about a farmer who was working in his vineyard when, suddenly, he fell into one of the cellars. He met an old castle warden there and for some time he stayed and helped him. He noticed a great army sleeping in the underground halls, armed and ready to fight when the need arises. When the farmer finally decided to leave, the warden gave him an armful of rubbish to take with him. The farmer thanked him and kept the rubbish. When he got back home, the rubbish turned into gold and silk.

GPS position

N 48° 58.720', E 17° 16.096'



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