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The Desert and the River


Straznicke Pomoravi is the last section of the Morava River, which has escaped regulation. Regulation is an artificial remodelling of the river bed, resulting in a straight and much shorter bed with higher banks reinforced by stone and concrete. In Straznicke Pomoravi the river has maintained its natural course, is still meandering and flooding the surrounding alluvial forests.

What is a meander? Unregulated stream beds are rarely straight; they are full of bends – meanders. The opposing banks look different from each other: the outer bank is eroded by the impact of the running stream and tall steep walls are formed, while the low inner bank is the side where the material carried by the stream is deposited by much slower currents, creating small gravel and sand beaches.

small gravel and sand beaches of river Morava

When the ends of a meander come too close, the meander bank bursts under the strength of the river stream and the stream finds a new course. The original bed of the meander then turns into an oxbow lake.

The “wild” character of the river is supported by the surrounding alluvial forests, where you can find lianas like the clematis and hops hanging from the tree branches and the thick undergrowth of young trees, shrubs, bramble, and almost impenetrable patches of stinging nettle resemble a “jungle”. And – the clouds of mosquitoes are buzzing in the air. No wonder the landscape in Straznicke Pomoravi is often nicknamed Moravian Amazonia.

from the oxbow lakes can develope polls nad weatlands

GPS position

N 48° 55.305', E 17° 16.675'



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