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The Desert and the River


Quarries and mining pits do not necessarily have to form scars on the face of the landscape. Mining can change one landscape into another, even an interesting one. It depends on how much space we allow nature in the post-mining development of the new landscape.

The sand mining pit here at Bzenec-privoz opened in 1955 and is still in operation. To open the mining area up and access further deposits, a part of the surrounding pine forest is cut each year. While the old forest disappears, a new one is already forming on the slopes in the old parts of the pit and its bottom. This is the result of landscape restoration, a very important post-mining activity which helps the landscape recover and claim again the space altered by mining.

Even mining can support wildlife. The steep sand walls of the pit are ideal places for nesting colonies of the Sand Martin (Riparia Riparia), for example. When planning restoration of this sand pit, it would be very beneficial to leave more walls for the Sand Martin or leave open tree-less spots which could be colonized by the rare semi-desert and steppe plants from the nearby Drift Sands nature reserve. At the bottom of the pit little ponds for amphibians could be created.

Together, the human intervention and natural processes would thus create a new landscape of both economical and natural value.

GPS position

N 48° 54.969', E 17° 16.225'



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