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Forest ecosystem

What is a forest

Forests represent the most natural ecosystems in the Czech Republic. More than 99% of the total area was covered by forests before the first landscape cultivation. Today, forests cover 30% of the country. A forest is a precious landscape feature; it belongs to the richest ecosystems in terms of plant and especially animal species diversity.

The composition of woody species in a forest is influenced by natural conditions and human activity. In a natural forest the most frequent species in the lowest altitudes are oaks and hornbeams, a beech is mostly present in higher altitudes and a spruce is dominant in the highest altitudes. A poplar, a willow and an adler are typical for moist and watterlogged areas. On the contrary, pine trees dominate dry areas. Under natural conditions the most common woody species in the Czech lands would be represented by a beech, however due to human activity the most frequent tree nowadays is a spruce. The forest on Okrouhlá hill is quite similar to a natural forest, its prevailing species are a hornbeam, a lime-tree and a birch.

The most dangerous forest pests are represented by a rather small and hardly noticeable insect. As an example we can name a moth called Black Arches (Lymantria monacha) or an even smaller beetle – Spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus). These two species are able to cause significant damage especially to the same-aged spruce forests. The caterpillars of a nun moth chew the base of the needles while the larvae of the bark beetle destroy the bark of the trees.





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