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Life on a meadow

What is a meadow

Extraordinary variety of forms, colours and smells – such is the world of herbs that grow in meadows. Meadows could be originally found only in the river cuts of valleys, in steppes and on the mountain slopes. After most of the forests were cleared as a result of increasing agricultural activity, meadows and fields took up their place. Most of the meadows today are cultivated meadows, cut regularly once or more a year, or grazed. The meadow ecosystem is organised in a different way compared to woodland or scrub ecosystems where one or two species dominate the territory and the rest conform to it. The spatial arrangement of meadows is determined by grasses, their height and way of growth. Nevertheless, there is always space enough for tens of low- and tall-growing grasses and broad-leaved herbs. Meadows together with other grasslands are very important for landscape as well as a man. Besides providing pasture (most often in the form of hay), they also prevent from quick water runoff. Thus they provide protection against floods, soil erosion and help to hold necessary water levels in soil and water sources (e.g. in wells). Grasslands also limit the level of dustiness in the air, cool and moisturize the air and clean the water through its roots.

Keře a remízky

Keře a remízky

Zajíc polní

Zajíc polní

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