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Milíčov Forest

Forest management

Thinning is performed in the forest and the spruce segments are replanted with native species; emphasis is on natural renewal of the oak stands. Like the forests owned by the Capital City of Prague, Milíčov Forest is managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable forestry. What is more, Prague has held the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forestry certificate since May 2007; the highly environmentally strict certificate directs forestry towards quasi-natural forest. The FSC Certificate is a prestigious award recognized world-wide not only by foresters but also by NGOs. The certification standard makes great requirements on the forest owners (assessing 160 environmental, economic and social criteria), beyond the scope of the Forestry Act in many cases, which is why the certification is always voluntary. The forest manager tries to keep the tree composition as close to the original natural assemblage in the area as possible. This text was produced using the brochure Milíčov Forest, issued by Prague MC Environmental Protection Dept.

GPS position

N 50° 1.465', E 14° 32.460'



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