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Kunratice Forest

Žofinka spring well

The spring is situated on a platform lined with granite stones and partly embedded in the hillside. The circular reservoir made of granite cubes is 65 cm in diameter and 62 cm deep. The water spills over into the brook under the paved area. The spring well is covered with a plank roof on three metal struts, based on a carriage wheel. The spring well is accessed via a wooden footbridge.

Eduard Ureš built the spring well in the late 1970s upon request by the forester Macháček because the marsh was making the path too wet. The foundations of an older, defunct spring well were discovered in the process. Originally, this was only an earthen reservoir with a rubber hose. A concrete reservoir with a stone roof and a brick front barrier with a pipe overspill was built in 1980; it was rebuilt in 1983 and again in 1985 following frost damage. Its present-day appearance was rendered by Prague Forest Company staff in the early 1990s; it was repaired at one point between 2001 and 2005. Its name probably refers to a connection with the nearby Václavka spring well (Sofia of Bavaria was King Václav’s second wife). It is also known as the Spring under the New Castle. This text was produced using information resources issued by Prague MC Environmental Protection Dept.

GPS position

N 50° 1.132', E 14° 28.172'



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