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National Natural Momunemt and National Nature Reservation in Moravia - Silesian Region

Landek National Natural Monument 2

Basic information

Landek National Natural Monument lies in the northern part of Ostrava city above the alluvial plain and the confluence of the Odra and Ostravice rivers within the altitude of 208 to 280 meters in the Koblov and Petřkovice city boroughs. This area has been protected since 1966. It covers 85,7 hectares and its size was extended in 1989. Landek was proclaimed a national natural monument in 1993. The subject of protection includes not only valuable forest vegetation but also bassets of coal seams and numerous archeological si­tes.

Living nature – fauna

National Natural Monument Landek is an important area mainly from the ethnomological and ornithological point of view. The rare Rove Beetles Siagonium quadricorne and Staphylinus compressus, Amara littorea and Harpalus tardus can be found here. The presence of highly endangered Cucujus cinnabeinus signifies good quality of core parts of forest vegetation having primordial character. Quite a few climbers nest in old trees with cavities. The endangered Middle Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos medius) belongs to the rarest species. Other highly endangered species include the Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus), the Orioles Oriolus oriolus and the Stock Dove Columba oenas, the endangered Bluethroat Luscinia megarhynchos, the Pieds Muscicapa striata and the Common Raven Corvus corax. This area provides suitable conditions for bats. Five bat species were found here: the Common Noctule Nyctalus noctula, the Serotine Bat Eptesicus serotinus, the Pipistrellus Pipistrellus pipistrellus, the Soprano Pipistrelle Pipistrelus pygmaeus and the Greater Mouse-eared Bat Myotis myotis.

Corvus corax

Nyctalus noctula

Oriolus oriolus

Useful information

Contact information

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GPS position

N 49° 52.499', E 18° 16.053'



AOPK ČR, SCHKO Poodří a KS Ostrava
ul. 2. května 1 742 13 Studénka
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