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Around Novy Svetlov

Novy Svetlov

Memories of Italy

For a long time, elevated places above human settlements had been considered potential strategic defense points. That is why on many such places forts and castles were built. Novy Svetlov, founded in the 15th century, originally served as a fort. The name Svetlov (=that which is associated with lights) comes from the light of fires used to signal approaching danger. Apart from ramparts and ditches, the local defense system included various underground tunnels.

The castle has undergone several reconstructions. Its current Tudor Neo-Gothic appearance dates back to 1846–1856. Although there are other places which had been inspired by the architecture of the Miramare castle in Italy, the owners of Novy Svetlov wanted their reconstructed home to capture some of the Italian spirit, too. They dreamt of “a bit of Italy under the Bojkovice skies”, so for some time at least, the greenhouses here would be filled with the scent of ripening lemons and oranges, the castle kitchens with enticing scents of Italian dishes, and the courtyard with music, which may have been Italian, too.

Some 150 years later, the castle was given yet another facelift. It was turned into a hotel and restaurant and opened its gates to guests again.

GPS position

N 49° 1.762', E 17° 48.056'



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