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Around Novy Svetlov


The value of voluntary work

There are a number of places and objects in the Bojkovice area which have been “beautified”, mostly due to contribution from local enthusiasts and sponsors. Many of the original beautification, library, geographical, and sports and gymnastics associations in the country were founded at the end of the 19th/beginning of the 20th century. During the communist regime, some of the value of true voluntary work was distorted into the so called voluntary, but in fact forced, „Initiative Z“. Under the framework of Initiative Z, most of the village and town socialist community culture centres, cooperative shops, sometimes healtcentres were built.

Today, voluntary work is gradually claiming its important place in the civic society again. In Bojkovice there are several voluntary associations, including the Bojkovice Sceptics Club, the Alois Jasek Museum Society, and the Boy Scouts.

Two examples of the objects and places which benefited from the local beautification efforts: the first is the Ohlobenka spring – according to the records, the water from the well was used even by the ladies of the Novy Svetlov castle; there is also a story about a witch who guards the spring from those who come in disrespect and want to damage or destroy it.

The Ohlobenka Spring

The second example is the wooden view tower on the Skalka hill.

View tower at Skalka

GPS position

N 49° 1.700', E 17° 50.311'



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