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Starojický hill

Starojický hill is formed by sandstones and conglomerates. There is also a legend of the hill. Unce upon a time, the Prince from Starojický castle threw a dinner. Suddenly, a great storm came. Rich cavalier arrived late at night in the castle and asked for hospitality. Prince was very hospitable and he ordered immediately proper care of him and introduced him into the banquet hall. Prince liked the cavalier so he had no objection when the cavalier began courting his daughter. When the cavalier danced with the princess, she saw he had a hoof feet. She stumbled, fell to the ground and screamed „the devil!“. He disappeared in an instant from the hall and rode quickly away down from the castle. Then suddenly, he saw a cross in front of him. He lost balance and fell off horse. The crush was big – the devil´s head and hoof feet imprinted into the rock and it is still visible.

GPS position

N 49° 34.962', E 17° 57.774'



Geopark Podbeskydí / Občanské sdružení Hájenka
Ing. Dalibor Kvita