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Water in geopark


Jordánka stream stems north Vidlák and pours into Žehrovka. Several ponds are on its 4.6 km long stream. Vidlák, Krčák and Věžák are the best known. Conditions for the establishment of ponds are mainly due to geologically. There are quartz sandstone eroded down to underlying impermeable marl, which act as watered horizon in the lower part of the Jordánka river valley.

Relief in areas adjacent to the flow Jordanka is ragged, with several more numerous groups of towers or spur in the top parts of sub-ridges. Side valleys may be topped rock stage with occasional or permanent waterfalls. Rock wall with a height of 20–30 m dominated rocky defile just above the valley. There are about a hundred towers in smaller groups especially around ponds Vidlák, Věžák and Hrudka. Jordánka largely flows through the nature reserve Podtrosecká udolí. A significant element reservations are wet floodplain width usually within 200 m, formed holocene sandy runoff, on which there are already mentioned ponds.

This is the largest area of wetland habitats in the Bohemian Paradise. There are dozens of species of plants, eighteen of them are particularly protected. For example it is slender cotton grass, sundew, buttercup large. Many species of birds, vertebrates, reptiles and amphibians live here. For example, kingfisher, dipper or crayfish, Swan musel, or Newt.

GPS position

N 50° 31.349', E 15° 12.602'



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