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Jilemnice, a town in the Semily district with ca. 6.000 inhabitants, lies in the hilly landscape of the Krkonoše foothill. The square is 464 m above the sea level. The town has been for many years searched as an advantageous starting point into the western Krkonoše Mts., after becoming a natural centre of this area in the course of history. The ground plan of the city centre is interesting and it shows a plan-based, not spontaneous, settlement. Jilemnice appeared in the beginning of 14th century as an economic centre of the large Štěpanice domain, held by the masters of Valdštejn. Historical sources don't enable a sight into the oldest history of the town, because their vast majority was destroyed, mainly by fires. Due to its isolated situation Jilemnice developed slower than servitude cities in fertile inland. However, it seems that the remote position saved the town from serious war disasters for many years. The expansion of the town was strongly limited from the year 1492, when the Valdštejns divided the city as well as the domain into two separate parts. The mining is for the first time mentioned in 15th century. In the next century, the cloth production on a high level was reminded. You can visit an indoor- and in the summer months also outdoor swimming pool. Out of the historical monuments, the St. Lawrence church with presbytery and the St. Isidor chapel can be seen. Also interesting is the building of an old brewery. In the vicinity there is the Krkonoše national park and the natural sight Strážník with the meadow „Hvězdná paseka“, which is unique by the occurrence of star quartz (a variety of radial quartz aggregates).

Jilemnice square

Church st. Vavřince


GPS position

N 50° 36.533', E 15° 30.369'



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