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Silent Šárka

Baba ruin

Jindřich Žežule, a burger of the New Town of Prague, established a vineyard on this hill in 1622. In 1650, the vineyard owner Servác Engel of Engelfluss had a summer palace and a wine press built here. Dean of St. Vitus’ Metropolitan Chapter, Tomáš Pešina of Čechorod, bought the vineyard and the building in 1673; the vineyard was then dubbed Děkanka and Čechorodka for him. Bavarian and French troops damaged the palace during the War of the Austrian Succession in the 1740s. A. T. Lohnerová purchased the plot in 1748 and added it to her Šárka grange. The national railway company had the palace ruin adapted to resemble a castle ruin in 1858. Some sources say the structure is a former chapel. [3] According to others, it may be an early 19th century Romantic building, which was given the Gothic windows when the railway was being built.

GPS position

N 50° 7.099', E 14° 23.377'



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