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Educational Trail Rotava

Rotava was established near iron ore mines, smelteries and hammer mills. The hammer mills in the valley of the Rotavský Creek are first mentioned in the year 1543. In the 17th century, Rotava became an important center of iron industry. It was among the first places in Europe where was applied the invention of tinning as an anticorrosive treatment of iron plates. In 1909, the joint-stock company Iron Works Rothau-Neudek was established, that manufactured annually nearly one hundred thousand tons of iron and used modern sheet rolling mill; the company has become a key enterprise of Austria-Hungary. In both world wars, the ironworks converted to weapons production and to Rotava were brought to thousands of prisoners of various nationalities.

The town is traditionally divided into a predominantly industrial “Lower” Rotava and residential “Upper” Rotava. Most of the population now lives in a panel suburb “Sídliště”, built for employees of the branch of the Skoda Pilsen Company. After privatization in 1992, the production was taken over by Rotas Strojírny Ltd. On the site of a former steel plant, the company PBS Ltd produces flood barrier systems. Rotava became a town in 1965 and today has about 3,450 inhabitants.

Today, Rotava is a starting point for wandering into the natural park Přebuz with extensive forests, heaths, moors and mountain meadows. Over the eastern edge of the town rises the steep double hill, “Skalka” with spectacular views and natural monument “Rotava” with basalt columns (access on the yellow marked path). At the road to Jindřichovice lies a basalt quarry with uniquely exposed volcanic crater filled by a picturesque lake. Rock walls, block fields and stone streams from the ice age occur on the Komáří (“Mosquito”) Hill to the north of Rotava.

Through Rotava leads several marked hiking and biking trails. The surrounding terrain is suitable for cross-country skiing. Basic service gives Cultural and Information Centre at the Municipal Office in Rotava, which is located in the middle of “Sídliště”.

This text was written by Petr Rojík.

List of stops

  1. Rotava
  2. Exploration Adit
  3. Skalka
  4. Basalt Organ
  5. Kaolin Pits
  6. Rotava Sun Stones
  7. Rose Valley
  8. Lark Valley
  9. Forest Cemetery
  10. The Kernberg Basalt Quarry
  11. The Medard - Sokolov sea