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Svojšín is first recorded in written sources in the 1176th Lords of Svojšín belonged to an old Czech noble families. Their physical presence near the Sovereign Exception indicating their position in the hierarchy of society. With their good position in the consolidating municipality noble presence is undoubtedly related svojšínského tribunového church. Peter and Paul, whose construction is art historians laid in the period around the year 1200.

The Romanesque church was part of a larger complex, which also included the fort as an aristocratic residence of the Lords of Svojšín and undoubtedly farmyard. In the 14th century Svojšín divided into Upper Svojšín with St. Peter and Paul fortress and as Lower Svojšín Mže on the other side also with its own church of unknown dedication.

The seat of the Lords of Svojšín was first fortress and after the lock is exposed in its place at the Church of Count John Wenceslas Příchovský or his mother Judith Theresa Countess of Werschowetz in 1723. The chateau was born, one of the most important figures in the village, Earl Anthony Peter Příchovský. He served as Archbishop of Prague in the years 1763–1793. Personally, promoted the local church to the dean. After 1945 the state took over the castle. A short time after the war it was leased veleobec baráčníků, then state farms and village Svojšín. In 1990 it received from the state transfer without consideration Svojšín village, that is managed lock in the present. Baroque castle is a rectangular building with a mansard roof. It is connected at the first floor of a brick hallway, indoor a suspension bridge, with the church. This is an extremely valuable element, which has been used a thousand years ago lords, coming to church corridor from the castle. Inside the castle there are three marble fireplaces. All furniture and equipment irretrievably gone. Among the missing items apparently belonged to four-poster bed and the initials of Albrecht von Wallenstein, where the famous commander slept the day before his trip to Cheb, where he was murdered.

Before castle castle are two terraces, one is memorable tree – massive beech and red ceder, also one of the few trees that have survived.

List of stops

  1. Svojšín
  2. Kostel sv. Petra a Pavla
  3. Důl Otto
  4. Řebří
  5. Svojšín - outlook summerhouse