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Hanovská kyselka

The river basin Hadovka is in gneiss of Teplá crystalline schists, there are several mineral springs. Besides Hanovská mention of natural mineral water collected within mineral acidulous. Křepkovické mineral water spring is located about 1.2 km south of the village Křepkovice. The form of the wild natural seepage has Pěkovická mineral water. Beranovský once popular mineral water springs in the trunk inside the concrete rings. The first list of local acidulous comes from 1609 by the Premonstratensian monastery of Teplá.

Hanovská mineral water springs bubble up in the right bank Hadovky. The mineral water springs, forest road leads from the road-Han Zhořec, from which after about 700 meters left to meet small valley terrain to Hadovce. On the right bank of about 60 m upstream Hanovská springs mineral water springs two mA, separated by 5 m Sources in 2008 were dug out of the mud, cleaned and restored. Collecting, consists of field excavation or borehole together with its own body stabilizes catchment characteristics of mineral water. One of the oldest used pit mineral waters are hollowed tree trunks, which are used primarily durable fir wood, which is not decomposed. Depth of natural reservoirs reaches a depth of about one meter. Sources are collected in the hollow trunks that cover the wooden hatches. Hanovská mineral water springs with one of mineralization around 700 mg / l, elevated carbon dioxide, and iron. Neighboring spring mineral water has been blocked for years and is cloudy and not very suitable for drinking.

Road to Hanovská mineral water can not easily find, so it is good to visit Křepkovickou mineral water, which is more available.

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  1. Hanov acidulous waters