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Educational trail Rozmberk Fishpond

The trail leads from the dam of the Svet fishpond along the Brilice and Kanov fishponds to the Rozmberk fishpond. From there the trails circles around the Rozmberk fishpond and back to the Town of Trebon.

Tables along the trail detail the history of the fishponds and its builders. Attention is also given to the role these ponds now play in maintaining the high natural value and biodiversity of the encompassing Protected Landscape Area and Biosphere Reserve Trebon.

List of stops

  1. Svet fishpond
  2. Brilice fishpond
  3. Stefan Netolicky
  4. Golden Canal
  5. Rozmberk fishpond
  6. Adolfka outlet
  7. Flood surge
  8. Stara Hlina
  9. Vitek fishpond
  10. Kouty
  11. At Vit's Place
  12. Trebon Town


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