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Kašperk Castle

A majestic Gothic castle called Kašperk is looming three kilometres north of the town Kašperské Hory. At the altitude of 866 m above the sea level, it is the highest-placed royal castle in Bohemia. Creating the backbone of royal power, the castle played a significant role in times of turbulent growth under the Luxembourg reign. Despite its lost glory, it belongs rightfully to one of popular tourist destinations.

Visitors are attracted to the breath-taking views of the castle towers as well as the atmosphere of the medieval castle. Kašperk castle is á typical example of the Gothic castle architecture of the 14th century, the era of Charles IV. It was established by Charles IV, the Czech king and Roman Emperor in the years 1356 – 1361. Since its early existence, the castle had three functions: to protect the local gold-bearing region, to guard the Bohemian-Bavarian border and to ensure the smooth run of a trade-route, so-called „Golden route“.

Pustý hrádek: A ruin of an advanced fortification has been preserved about 400m from the castle. It is called Pustý hrádek and offers a beautiful view of the castle and its surroundings.

Recommended – castle tour. The highest-placed royal castle in Bohemia built by Charles IV. A picturesque view of Šumava Mountain tops as well as the inland area. Castle refreshments. Sweet and salty pancakes – castle recipe, souvenir stall…

Two castle tours: The first castle tour is dedicated to everyday life at the castle, whereas the second tour will introduce visitors to everyday life at the castle in time of its construction. Both tours are connected with life of one specific person living at the castle during and after its construction. Visitors will have an opportunity to see some period tools used during the construction works as well as the castle operation or in time of defence. Both tours are finished with a beautiful view of the castle tower. An interactive programme for kids is included.

Opening hours:

List of stops

  1. Church of Our Lady of the Snow
  2. Church of St. Markéta
  3. St. Nicholas Church
  4. Information and Cultural Centre – Kašperké Hory
  5. Motorcycle Museum, Czech Toy Museum
  6. Šumava Museum
  7. Pustý hrádek
  8. Town Hall
  9. Kašperské Hory branch of Golden route
  10. Trail No.1 – Along the pillory in search of views
  11. Trail No.2 – Via Šumava Villages
  12. Trail no.3 – After National History
  13. Trail No. 4 – To Kašperk
  14. Trail No.5 – Via Nebe and Peklo to Žďánov
  15. Trail No.6 – Gold-Miners´ Path
  16. Trail No.7 – Border Guards´Path


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