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Around Bzenec Oak Forest


Small wine cellars have been used by the local farmers in the rural region of Moravian Slovakia since the 16th century. They are usually submerged in the surrounding terrain and can be accessed by a descending corridor called “the spine”. Ventilation is provided by ventilation shafts and chimneys with little caps. One can often notice these sticking out of the ground on the small grass covered hills which form the roofs of the cellars. Originally, the entrance to a wine cellar was protected by a simple shelter. This may be why in some regions the wine cellars are referred to as wine “huts”. Many of the shelters were later transformed into wine-pressing rooms, which often serve as storage spaces for tools used for work in the vineyards. The cellars, however, play an important role in the social and community life of the villages, as well; almost all cellars have a special sitting area with tables and benches which are used when customers come for a little wine tasting, or they simply offer a space where the winemakers themselves can rest and share a glass of wine with other winemakers, family, and friends.

Although there are some bigger wine producers in this region, most of the small winemakers have other jobs. They produce wine and stick to the wine-making tradition since they like it and since it is a good means of supplementing their income.

GPS position

N 48° 56.678', E 17° 10.491'



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