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Around Bzenec Oak Forest


In the Czech Republic a tree avenue or tree alley generally refers to lines of trees planted on each side of a road. Tree alleys planted alongside roads in the countryside were originally meant to provide two important things – shade and fruit. Many old alleys in the Czech Republic date back to the reign of the empress Maria Theresa (1740–1780) who had them planted for the use of the passing soldiers and horses of her imperial army. Since the Baroque period, architects used tree alleys as a typical feature which helped enhance the approach to country mansions and “lead the eye” to some ornamental buildings in parks and gardens. The original Baroque horse chestnut tree alley in the Milotice Chateau park could be seen until 2009/2010, when it was eventually cut down following long discussions between nature conservationists, the local council, and art historians. The horse chestnuts were getting old and some of them suffered from wood rot. Their condition deteriorated further after they had been affected by the horse-chestnut leaf-mining moth Cameraria ohridella and the falling branches were becoming a health-hazard. However, the old trees also offered a perfect place for the development of the larvae of some rare beetles, e.g. the stag beetle (Lucanus servus).

Lucanus cervus – male

Lucanus cervus – female

The final version of the tree alley restoration project was a compromise: the old trees were replaced by young ones, but some of the old trunks were left on site and the rest were moved to the nearby woodland where the larva can finish their development cycle.

GPS position

N 48° 57.542', E 17° 8.436'



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