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Around Bzenec Oak Forest


Natural heritage in this area includes 2 nature reserves which are located quite close to Milotice – Horky and Pisecny Rybnik (the Sand Pond).

Horky Nature Reserve, south-east of Milotice, is one of the most valuable remaining fragments of former South Moravian steppes. The site on the slopes of the small Naklo hill used to be a communal pasture; part of it was used as a hay-meadow and part was planted with fruit trees. The difficult accessibility of the site for heavy machinery saved it from the fate suffered by many equally valuable but more accessible sites, which were ploughed up during the socialist regime (1950s-1980s).

The relatively unaltered natural conditions played major role in the survival of a whole range of rare steppe plant and animal species – like the yellow flowering Spring Pheasant's Eye (Adonis vernalis).

Pisecny rybnik (the Sand Pond) Nature Reserve, north-east of Milotice, was originally designed as a fish farming pond. Today, however, it is an interesting nature conservation site. The pond is surrounded by fragments of a once extensive marshland, which are important for the reproduction of amphibians. The reserve is part of a European “bird conservation area” and both Pisecny Rybnik and Horky Nature Reserves have been designated Sites of Community Interest within the European Union Natura2000 network of protected areas.

GPS position

N 48° 57.928', E 17° 8.675'



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