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Around Bzenec Oak Forest

Bzenec Oak Forest

At a crossroads like this one, a signpost is a great help; without the signs we might not be able to tell the right direction to Milotice or Vracov. In all 4 directions, the roads we can choose from look very much alike.

They are surrounded by a rather monotonous pine forest – a monoculture. The term refers to a planting of one species of tree, where all the trees are of the same age. Monocultures are easier to grow and harvest, and thus provide greater short-term yields than a natural multi-age multi-species forest. Natural forests are of an incomparably bigger value – especially from environmental point of view, but from the timber producer’s per­spective, they are more difficult and more expensive to manage.

monotonous pine forest

Monocultures which are planted and later harvested at the same time provide only limited resources for wildlife. The variety which would be provided by a multi-age multi-species forest can never be matched in a forest where the trees are all of the same species and size. Monocultures are often harvested by clear cutting, which drastically alters the living space of many species of wildlife. Such forests are also more prone to diseases and more vulnerable to adverse environmental conditions (floods, storms, fire) and attacks by insects (e.g. the bark beetle).

Here, the pine was planted to replace the original oak forests which had been destroyed. The pine was able to survive in harsh conditions on the open sands, making way to less sturdy species – like oak.

Jan Bedrich Bechtel monument

GPS position

N 48° 58.210', E 17° 10.183'



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