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Around Bzenec Oak Forest


You may say: Nonsense. Yet, although it does seem unlikely, a long time ago there used to be a sea where you are standing just now. The shallow and warm sea was full of zooplankton – tiny animals that live just a few days. When they died, they fell in large amounts to the sea floor. The layers of decomposed organic matter (especially zooplankton and algae) were later covered with sand brought from the mainland by the sea currents. Later, when the continental plates moved, the sea floor crumpled and the layers of dead organic matter were buried under massive blocks of sandstone and clay. They were then exposed to intense heat and pressure and gradually transformed into petroleum (crude oil).

When small droplets of petroleum rise to the earth’s surface, they either reach it (in which case the liquid particles evaporate while the solid ones – wax and asphalt (bitumen) remain), or they are stopped by an impermeable barrier – an “oil trap”. The trapped droplets form an oil (petroleum) reservoir which can be accessed by drilling. Most oil reservoirs in the Czech Republic can be found here, in South Moravia. The first oil well in this area opened in 1919.

GPS position

N 48° 58.777', E 17° 11.099'



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