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Around Bzenec Oak Forest


The region around Bzenec and the Bzenec Oak Forest boasts a long winemaking tradition. However, the climate and soil conditions are favourable not only for growing different varieties of vine used for winemaking, but also for growing vegetables. The harvest used to be so good that it led to nicknaming the arable fields between the small towns of Bzenec and Vracov “the Moravian Eden”. Farmers from the region usually sold their produce, on famous seasonal markets in Bzenec, which used to take place in the central square.

The markets, traditionally opened with the sound of the bell from the Bzenec town hall, used to attract farmers, craftsmen, and customers from the whole region. The amazing scale of the markets had been well documented on a number of old photographs, which are now part of the permanent exhibition at the small local museum in Bzenec.

GPS position

N 48° 58.571', E 17° 14.427'



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