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Around Bzenec Oak Forest


The ruins of the Baroque chapel of Saints Florian and Sebastian standing on the small hill above Bzenec can be easily spotted when approaching the town.

the ruins of the Baroque Chapel of St Florian and Sebastian

Since the time it was built (the beginning of the 18th century) the chapel has had an unhappy history. Not long after it had been finished the spire was struck by lightning and when the damaged chapel was finally repaired, it was closed down as part of the church reforms of Joseph II Habsburg. (Joseph was opposed to “contemplative” religious institutions – especially convents which he said were doing nothing positive for the community. This was part of his attempt to reorganize the management of his lands using enlightened principles. The key idea was the idea of the unitary state run by a centralized, efficient government, and rational, mostly secular society with greater degrees of equality and freedom.)

During the 19th century, the chapel was repeatedly damaged by strong winds and in 1915 by lightning again. At the end of WWII it suffered the final blow from the retreating German army, which used it first as a military observation post and finally blew it up in April 1945.

From the chapel hill there is a very good view of the pine woods in the south. It would be interesting to travel back in time to the beginning of the 19th century when the area (the former Bzenec Oak Forest) would be covered with extensive open sands of the “Moravian Sahara Desert”. These would be later reforested with pine thanks to J. B. Bechtel.

view of the surrounding countryside

GPS position

N 48° 58.596', E 17° 16.161'



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