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Hojsova Stráž

Brewery in Hojsova Stráž

A former farmstead Halshanslhof belongs to one of the first farmsteads in the region. The name of one of its settlers, Jan Linzmeier, was mentioned in Urbarium (the list of corvée) already in 1630. The farmstead was known to be a mill long before the Thirty-Years´ War. The property was passed on from Jan Linzmeier to his son Hanz and later to his son Jan who also owned a saw-mill which he had built next to the mill. On 24th May 1690, the widow after Jan, Anna, left the “farm buildings” to her son Mathes Linzmeier while passing the saw-mill to another son of hers, Leonhard. The property was thus divided into two. The mill would carry the name Lindlmühle from that time on. Mathes Linzmeier left the farmstead to his son Jan in 1740, who gave it to his son Josef in 1782. After two years Josef died and on 13th March 1784 his childless wife sold the property for 4000 gold coins to a farmer Josef Pflanzer who remained indebted to her 2999 gold coins of the purchase price. Josef Pflanzer passed the farmstead to his son Jakub in 1826. Another part of the land he gave to his second son, Josef Pflanzer who purchased back the Lindlmühle. Jakub Pflanzer had a brewery built in here in 1850. The regional hetman of Klatovy, Mr. Schödelbauer, a native of Rederanreashof put in a good word for the brewery and succeeded in obtaining a permit for it. Yeomen had the right of free beer brewing for hundred years. However those under the protection of manorial lords could not do so and had to drink the “manorial” beer. It was not until then, when the manorial privileges were but of a historic value, that they could brew and drink their own beer. After Jakub´s death, only half of the property fell upon his son. The other half was held by the widow Barbora Pflaner who kept it until 8th June 1857 when she passed the remaining part on to Jakub. At that time, the brewery was already rented by Josef Spatha whose daughter was married to Jakub Pflaner. After his death, the widow sent for Max Seider of Frysing in Bavaria who modernized and upgraded the whole brewery in 1908. The modernised brewery was bought by a son of a local postmaster, a Telč maltster Josef Sapth. The brewery thus fell under the ownership of Spath family. The forest belonging to the brewery was sold to an unlucky factory owner Josef Aschenbrenner of Bleibach in Bavaria in 1908 by Max Sedider. The brewery remained in operation until 1946 when it was closed down by the decision of the Ministry of Nutrition.

GPS position

N 49° 12.689', E 13° 12.756'



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