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Hojsova Stráž

Thomahof (Thomajakobhof)

Thomahof manor was originally a part of Karlhof complex. Its first known settler was Adam Conrath who had owned it for 30 years in 1729. There is a reason to think that Thomahof got separated from Karlhof in about1698. Mr. Conrath transferred the manor onto his son Thomas, after whom it got its name which has been used in a slightly distorted form to this day. Thomas had it then transferred to his son Thomas Jakob, hence the name Thomasjakobhof. Although Jakob took over the manor on 10th October 1871, he sold it shortly after to Josef Spath, a brewery owner, who added it to his Wofer and Boyerhof property. The houses no. 34 and 35 at Brčálník formed part of the property. The complex was known as Hojsova Stráž. Some of its houses were gradually sold out. The object was used for recreation activities of city children. Today, the owner of the object is the Authority of Plzeň Region, and it is operated by Dům dětí a mládeže in Klatovy. It serves as an accommodation facility.

GPS position

N 49° 12.299', E 13° 12.441'



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