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Hojsova Stráž

Na Vyhlídce

Since 1811, the second largest inn in the village (besides Frischwinkl at Brčálník) can be found under no. 7 (called Penzion Na Vyhlídce). It used to be a wooden shed along the road, built by Georg Zelzer and owned by the family of Woferlhofs. Wolf Zelzer, the brother of Georg Zelzer, built and connected a house to the shed and sold it in one piece to the sons of Zelzerbauer for 400 gold coins on 22nd April 1817. The records of the purchase mention the right of water use for Woferlhhof, today the house no. 3. Josef Zelzer did not have the right to get married and that was why he left the house to a married couple of Jan and Marry Pscheidt who reconstructed it and opened it to public as an inn. There were more conditions which Mr. Pscheidt had to meet in order to be granted the permission to start operating the inn as it was to be already the second guesthouse in the village. The Regional authority sent a forensic commission to monitor the construction works on 4th April and 27th May 1820. It found that: “…the building must be recorded as associated with Johan Zellner for to have another guesthouse without the permission of the first one in Eisenstrass is superfluous and it could have a negative effect on teaching at the school nearby. The concession was hence not granted.” In spite of that Johan Pscheidt continued building the inn and finally managed to obtain the desired concession. The trick was for his son Lorenc to get married with Scholastika Pflanzer, a relative to the owner of the brewery who put in a good word for the inn. Johan Pscheidt left the unfinished building to the newly married couple on 12th January 1832. They rented it to Josef Oberhofer who finished the construction works and opened the inn. Later, the married couple sold the house for 1000 gold coins to Jiří Zelzer on 21st November 1844. Zelzer gave the house a nickname “Girl” or “Zelzergirgl”. It was him who left it to his son Adam who died short afterwards. Margaret, born Fleischman from Zelená Lhota, the widow remarried Adam Oberhofer of Modlhof in 1877. The house later inherited his daughter Anna, married to Michal Kelnhofer of Frischhof. The property transfer was done on 22nd June 1899. Members of the family were displaced to Germany, and the object was nationalized. The building has been more than 200 years old, the inn has been operated for more than 178 years.

GPS position

N 49° 12.585', E 13° 11.928'



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