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Hojsova Stráž

Schoberlgütl („Creamery“ house no. 8)

The house of Schoberlgütl included a guesthouse whose first settler was Pavel Glaser in 1926 who had bought one part of the house from Wolf Zelzer and another part from Andreas Zelner and connected these two into one. Mr. Glaser had the guesthouse and its ground, at that time called „Paulihausengütl“, transferred to his son Jan on 21st May 1854, Jan had it transferred to his son Josef on 14th June 1876, this time a mere guesthouse. Josef would use it for rent, which brought him a nickname “Handjosef”. However, the name of the guesthouse would remain unchanged. Zelzer, Brandl, Adler and others would be in charge of the guesthouse over the time. Jakob Pflanzer, an owner of the local brewery bought the guesthouse on 12 February 1884. Its last owner was Heirich Zelzer who bought it on 9th May 1904. The object was nationalized after 1945. It is the oldest building in the village. It can be found right behind Frischwinkl pub (Hotel Fanda today). The building served as guesthouse during the years 1826 – 1945, i.e. 119 years.

GPS position

N 49° 12.567', E 13° 11.952'



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