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Hojsova Stráž

Pangerlhof (Zierhut)

So-called Schodel´s allotment included the following farmsteads and buildings: Schoedlhof, Stindlhof, Rederandreashof, Wastlguetl, Pauliguetl, Pangerl´s, Bachal´s and Baierl´s farm buildings. The first holder of the allotment recorded in the tax registry in 1630 was a yeoman Hans Weinfurter from the side branch of Frwischwinkl´s fa­mily. His son Martin took over the property in 1650 and left it to his son Hans Weinfurter for 250 gold coins in1669. The record of the transfer mentions also his brother Martin, a brickmaker, and his registered part of the farmstead. Martin built a brickyard, today the house no.73 at the border of the district Hamerská rychta. As his own part of the property, he separated it from the rest and later passed it on to his son. Hans Weinfurter sold Steinriegelguetl to Simon Prabtl of Karlhof for 300 Rhenish gold coins on 13th January 1686. The complex was thus once more reduced. Simon Prandtl got married to Marie, a widow after Jiří Faistmauer of Hamry and was elected a councillor at the free district of Hojsovská rychta on 7th July. After his death, the reeve Simon Weinfurter allotted the farmstead to Václav Pangerl who received it for 750 gold coins. Václav called the farmstead Pangerlhof. The property was then inherited by his son in 1727 Mathes and again to his son, Mathes in 1785 who passed it on to his son Augustin in 1813. Augustin left the region and the farmstead was left to his son Kašpar Pangerl. Kašpar Pangerl had two sons, out of whom one was an owner of a wheelwright´s shop. Together they established a pub at the road, today the house no.24, and a wheelwright´s wor­kshop, today the house no 140, that time called Pangerhaeusel. Josef Pangerl married Marie Rederandreas in 1898. He got in such debts that he was forced to sell the farmstead in 1912. It was purchased by Wolfgan Zierhut of Holetice at Nýrsko. It was rebuilt; stables and living areas were fashionably refurbished. A model farmstead was created by much effort and considerable financial means. Zierhut was a deputy, a deputy Chair of the Chamber of Deputies of National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic from 1920 to 1938. After the unification of the German Agriculturalists and the Sudeten German Party, he entered the club of deputies of the Sudeten German Party on 29th March 1938. He dies on 13th March 1946 in a Czech remand prison. The farmstead was confiscated and entirely “managed” by Dešenice State Farmstead.

GPS position

N 49° 12.928', E 13° 11.391'



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