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Hojsova Stráž

Lávková cesta - Bridge Path

A path with wonderful views of Čertovo jezero lake was built by order of a prince Hohenzollern for the price of 3 500 gold coins in the years in 1880 – 1882. The construction of the path was initiated and managed by a verderer Julius Komárek, a patriot and promoter of “Železné hory forests for all” initiative. He was the father of Professor Julius Miloš Komárek, born in Železná Ruda in 1892, a well-known scientist in the field of zoology, entomology, forest conservation and gamekeeping, who established and managed the Research Institute of Forest Economy and Gamekeeping and who was the dean of Scientific Faculty of Charles University. He publicised his rich experience and knowledge in 200 technical publications and magazines on forestry, medicine, gamekeeping, nature protection and fishing. He was one of the initiator of National Park in Tatras and in Šumava Mountains.

This area has been protected since 1933 (regulation of the Ministry of Education and Dissemination No. 143547/33). However, the nature protection was not distinguished from so-called “soft” hiking during the World War I. Part of the territory in the “Iron Curtain zone” was closed to public after February 1948 for 40 years. The road was used and maintained by units of border guards. After November 1989, the Czech Tourist Club marked the path green. Often called Over Čertovy lávky (Over Devil´s Bridges), the path was deliberately damaged shortly after. The Administration of Šumava National Park and the Protection of Landscape Area in Šumava forbade entering the area. Železná Ruda town keeps its efforts of its reconstruction. It even managed to secure necessary funds for it in 2010 (after 130 years).Due to the occurrence of a capercaillie in the area and potential negative environmental impacts, it was not permitted to be reconstructed.

GPS position

N 49° 9.703', E 13° 11.824'



Město Železná Ruda
Milan Kříž