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Hojsova Stráž

Bílá Strž

The national nature reserve declared in 1972 is located in the area of 79.02 ha at an altitude of 735–1086 m. The romantic canyon valley is formed by a stream called Bílý Potok (White Stream). The waterfall can be found at an altitude of 940 m at the north-eastern slopes of a forest stand called Královský hvozd. The remains of a native mountain forest of a primeval character are preserved in the area of the waterfall. They mainly consist of spruce trees whose trunks may grow up to 95 cm thick on average. The oldest trees can be 220 to 240 years old. The waterfall consists of several layers and cascades. Its total height is about 13 metres, its highest layer is 7 metres long. Deep kettle holes made of whirling and flowing water are to be found in the cut riverbed of the Bílý Potok.

Vertebrates common for Šumava region occur in the area of national nature reserve out of which we should name at least a common raven, a European three-toed woodpecker and a lynx lynx. There is also a marginal occurrence of a cappercaillie. Bílá strž is one of proven habitat of a garden dormouse. Owl has also been spotted here.

GPS position

N 49° 11.255', E 13° 9.194'



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