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Natural monuments Moravian

Natural Monument of Váňa´s Stone 2

Basic information

Natural monument of Váňa´s stone was declared in the area of 0.77 ha in 1993. It represents a rock which towers over the surrounding terrain by 1 m. It consists of round stones and limestone blocs of Mezoic era (Jurassic – Chalk), which are in fact limestone sediments created in shallow sea.

Subject of protection

A rock made of a Jurassic limestone block, one of rare natural formations in the vicinity of Štramberk unaffected by limestone mining.

Living nature

White Stonecrop (Sedum album) and Goldmoss Stonecrop (Sedum acre), Maidenhair Spleenwort (Asplenium trichomanes), Wall Rue (Asplenium ruta-muraria), Spring Cinquefoil (Potentilla tabernaemontani), Common Rockrose (Helianthemum grandiflorum subs. obscurum), Carthusian Pink (Dianthus carthusianorum) grow in the herb layer. Grass-herb stands with thermophylic species such as White Swallowwort (Vincetoxicum hirundinaria) and Fescue (Festuca rupicola) are dominant in deep soils.

Dianthus carthusianorum

Dianthus carthusianorum

Váňův kámen

Váňův kámen

Useful information


Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí a zemědělství 28. října 117, 702 18 Ostrava www.kr-moravskoslezsky.cz tel.: +420 595 622 297

GPS position

N 49° 35.447', E 18° 7.801'



Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje
Odbor životního prostředí a zemědělství
28. října 117, Ostrava
Tel.:+420 595 622 297