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Natural monuments Moravian

Natural Monument of Váňa´s Stone 1

Basic information

Natural monument of Váňa´s stone was declared in the area of 0.77 ha in 1993. It represents a rock which towers over the surrounding terrain by 1 m. It consists of round stones and limestone blocs of Mezoic era ( Jurassic – Chalk), which are limestone sediments created in shallow sea.

Subject of protection

A rock made of a Jurassic limestone block, one of rare natural formations in the vicinity of Štramberk unaffected by limestone mining.


Several Jurassic limestone blocs stick out in Štramberk´s su­rroundings out of which Kotouč and Horní and Dolní Skalka massifs are the largest ones. Outcrop of Jurassic limestone called Váňa´s stone is one of the few formations still largely unaffected by limestone mining. Fossils found in Štramberk limestone blocs play a significant role when studying the whole ecosystem of fossil coral reef. Over 600 species were classified in here – this area represents one of the richest species communities on a world scale.

Váňův kámen 1

Váňův kámen 1

Váňův kámen 2

Váňův kámen 2

Váňův kámen 3

Váňův kámen 3

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 35.444', E 18° 7.776'



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