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Uhlířský vrch Nature Reserve 3

Basic information

Uhlířský vrch is an extinct volcano (671,7 m n. m.) at the south-western outskirts of Bruntál. Tufa quarries were established under this mountain peak in the second half of the 19th century. They turned into an extensive outcrop later on. A nature reserve including the outcrop´s vicinity was declared there in 1966 and nowadays it extends in the area of 3.70 ha.

Subject of protection

Extensive outcrop of an extinct volcano and the remains of tufa quarries from the second half of the 19th century are the subjects of protection.

Pilgrimage site

Uhlířský vrch is an important pilgrimage site. A wooden pilgrimage chapel was built in here by Osvald of Lichtenstein, the monastic knight in the year 1653. A corner stone of nowadays baroque Church of Our Lady Auxiliary was laid in 1756. The church was damaged by lighting several times, it was almost pulled down because of tufa mining and devastated by Soviet occupational troops as well as local vandals. After its difficult renovation it was reconsecrated in 1993. An alley of 337 limes planted in 4 rows in 1760 leads to the church. This lime alley is a cultural monument and in 2008 it was nominated for the Tree of the Year Award. A reconstructed Way of the Cross leading from the alley to the church was consecrated in 2007. It is made of various types of wood on stone pedestals. Its stations are the work of František Nedomel, an art woodcarver from Bruntál.

Kostel Panny Marie Pomocné

Kostel Panny Marie Pomocné

Lipová alej

Lipová alej

Křížová cesta

Křížová cesta

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GPS position

N 49° 58.384', E 17° 26.395'



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