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Snowdrops of Sedlnice Natural Monument 2

Basic information

Scattered meadows and alluvial forest fragments are the subject of nature protection in a wide alluvial plain of Sedlnice. They are connected by more or less continuous riparian stands whose species composition corresponds to the nature of the site. The site was declared a natural monument in 1988 and redeclared in 2006. It extends in the area of 16 ha.

Subject of protection

Meadows and remaining alluvial stands with rich population of Common Snow Drop (Galanthus nivalis) have been preserved in the alluvial plain of Sedlnice to this day.

Snowdrops in castle park

One part of the already mentioned natural monument is a castle park situated in close proximity to the village centre. It is a popular resting place, especially in early spring seasons as snowdrop “carpets” can be seen in there. The Czech name of the plant (snow drop) clearly expresses the fact that it grows under the snow. This fragile and by everyone beloved flower is poisonous. It belongs to monocotyledonous plants. After cross-pollination it creates a capsule with three seeds in it. Ants are attracted to the oily end parts of the seeds and thus spread them around. Snowdrops usually reproduce vegetatively, from its mother bulb. That is why their underground parts are protected and must not be dug out. Careless picking up of the plant harming the bulb may result in the death of the plant.

Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus nivalis

Fara v Sedlnici

Fara v Sedlnici

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GPS position

N 49° 39.675', E 18° 5.137'



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