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Natural Monument of Erratic Blocs in Hlučín – Rovniny

Basic information

Erratic blocs represent boulders of various size made of exotic rocks which do not occur in our lands. They were transported to our lands by the activity of continental glacier during Middle Pleistocene some 250–800 thousand years ago. Erratic block in Rovniny was declared a natural monument in 1964.

Subject of protection

Erratic blocs installed in a park at Černá louka fairground in Ostrava.


A group of rocking stones is a characteristic sample of large erratic blocs that were transported by the activity of continental glacier. These rocks were discovered by Dr. V. Tílek during sand extraction in Hlučín- Roviny (hence its name) in 1958. Once the sand quarry was closed and recultivated in the first half of the sixties, the stones were moved to Ostrava.

Rovninské balvany 1

Rovninské balvany 1

Rovninské balvany 2

Rovninské balvany 2

Rovninské balvany 3

Rovninské balvany 3

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 49.989', E 18° 17.657'



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