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Natural monuments Moravian

Natural Monument Oblík u Dívčího hradu

Basic information

This is a palaeontological site of so-called coal limestone with residues of fossilized brachiopods, cephalopods, pelecypods and trilobites. The site was declared natural monument in 1966. It was redeclared in 2001 in the area of 858 m2.

Subject of protection

The subject of protection concerns one site of coal limestone in Low Jeseník range. Macrofossils, corals, sea lilies and goniatites, especially Gigantoproductus gigantem, have been preserved in large numbers in the limestone.


During geological mapping done at the early sixties the geological relations were verified by a 53m long excavated ditch out of which nowadays we can see just a ten-metre long part with rock outcrops of the area 2×0.5 m. Macrofossils are abundant in limestones, their smaller numbers can be found in surrounding slates. The dominant species in limestones are sea lilies and corral bits. Brachiopods (especially of Goniatitidae family) and cephalopods (r. Gigantoproductus), foraminifers, sessile and gastropods were also identified. As for the corrals, Dibunophyllum, Heterophyllia sp., Lithostrotion cf. Proliferum species were identified here.

Oblík 1

Oblík 1

Oblík 2

Oblík 2

Oblík 3

Oblík 3

Useful information


Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí a zemědělství 28. října 117, 702 18 Ostrava www.kr-moravskoslezsky.cz tel.: +420 595 622 297

GPS position

N 50° 14.950', E 17° 37.773'



Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje
Odbor životního prostředí a zemědělství
28. října 117, Ostrava
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