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Monument of Erratic Block in Kunčice

Basic information

Erratic blocs represent boulders of various size made of exotic rocks which do not occur in our lands. They were transported to our lands by the activity of continental glacier during Middle Pleistocene some 250–800 thousand years ago. Erratic block in Kunčice was declared a natural monument in 1990.

Subject of protection

The largest erratic bloc in the Czech Republic.


The current location of the erratic does not correspond with the original finding-place. The erratic block in Kunčice was found by chance during digging works 6.8 m under the ground in Ostrava- Kunčice in 1954. It was transported to Vratimovská Street straight after, where it was laid onto a preselected pedestal. It represents the remains of quaternary glacier activity. We can learn about its origin from its reddish Swedish granite. It was quite common for glaciers to move in the ice age. Erratic blocs represent an important source of information for geologists who use them to determine the south frontiers of glaciation.

Kunčický bludný balvan

Kunčický bludný balvan

Kunčický bludný balvan 2

Kunčický bludný balvan 2

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 47.540', E 18° 17.940'



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