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Bystřice Valley Natural Park

Basic information

Bystřice Valley Natural Park extends in the southwest end of Domašov highlands in the vicinity of Bystřice River. The river has created rock valleys with canyons, rock projections, taluses and stone seas. Preserved residues of peat meadows can be seen in areas where tributaries have their springs. In valleys, on the other hand, a visitor can be charmed by moist meadows. On steep forested slopes there are strong forest stands quite similar to a virgin forest.


There are several protected areas in the territory of the natural park. In nature reserve Hrubovodské sutě there are beech and fir-beech communities and talus forests which contain endangered plant and animal species. The natural monument Kamenné proudy u Domašova close to Libavá municipality and Domašov nad Bystřicí can be proud of its frost cabins, stone seas and taluses. The specific charm of Bystřice Valley would not be complete without high bridges and tunnels located on the railway line from Olomouc to Krnov high above the river which contribute to the natural landscape beauties. Most popular among tourists is the 4km-long part of the route between Jívová – Hrubá Voda – Smilov train stations. The river valley will surprise us with its wilderness here. Numerous black rock outcrops stick out from the forested slopes. To get around brawling waters you must take a narrow forest path. The gate to the natural park is the town Velká Bystřice. In here a visitor can take a look at a local church that was rebuilt in baroque style of the late 17th century.

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N 49° 50.055', E 17° 24.103'



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