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Natural park Podbeskydí 3

Basic Information

Natural park Podbeskydí with the area of 125 km2 was proclaimed in 1994 in the region of Nový Jičín district in the most noteworthy part of upland under Radhošť which is represented by Highlands of Štramberk with two different parts – Ženklava and Hodslavice.

Eye Spring

Eye spring is located under the mountain top of Svinec at close quarters to the same-called nature reserve. After his return from pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land, Egypt and Rome Johann Stieber built an artificial Lourdes cave with a statue of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes near the spring. Nearby there is also the little chapel of the Virgin Mary of Holy Hostýn, built by inhabitants of Starý Jičín and its surroundings after World War Two. In the past, annual pilgrimages used to be made to the statue of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes on 6 October. The water in the spring is said to be miraculous, because it has allegedly healed many ill people’s eyes. Several specially protected areas are located in the territory of the natural park Podbeskydí. The nature reserve Svinec can be found right above the spring well, not far from here the natural monument Picrit-almond stones by Kojetín and natural monument torus lavas by Straník.

Oční studánka

Oční studánka

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Lurdská jeskyně 1

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Lurdská jeskyně 2

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