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Natural Park Podbeskydí 1

Basic Information

Natural park Podbeskydí with the area of 125 km2 was proclaimed in 1994 in the region of Nový Jičín district in the most noteworthy part of upland under Radhošť which is represented by Highlands of Štramberk with two different parts – Ženklava and Hodslavice.


Natural park Podbeskydí was established by the public notice of District Office of Nový Jičín and its maim aim is the conservation of country character which is typical for this region and also of the extraordinary species variability of live organisms and natural beauties. In the wide middle part a varied and at view extraordinary beautiful Highlands of Štramberk spread out. In the western part (of Hodslavice) numerous hillocks and ridges of volcanic rock of picrits and tephrites, in the central part (of Ženklava) the peaks of limestone reefs of Štramberk play an important role in it. Several specially protected areas are located in the territory of the natural park Podbeskydí. It is the nature reserve Svinec, natural monuments, Travertin cascade, Springs of Zrzávka, Picrit-almond stones by Kojetín, torus lavas by Straník and Kamenárka and the national natural monument Šipka.

Prameny Zrzávky

Prameny Zrzávky

Polštářové lávy ve Straníku

Polštářové lávy ve Straníku



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