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Oderské vrchy Natural Park 4

Basic information

Oderské vrchy (Odra Hills) represent the south-eastern part of Nízký Jeseník (Low Jeseník) Mountains. For the beauties of the area a natural park was declared there in the year 1994. Rich forests with countless natural sites of interest invite for a walk throughout the whole year turning into a mushroom paradise at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

Virgin Mary in the Cliff

According to a legend, a pilgrimage site of Virgin Mary in the Cliff was created on the basis of a magical recovery of a deadly exhausted soldier at the end of the Thirty Years´ War during Swedish invasion (1642–1648). A dying soldier was dearly praying to Virgin Mary for salvation. She answered his prayers and he got healed by a spring of water which spurted out from the rock cave. The news about the magical recovery of the soldier spread quickly far and wide. People from different neighbourhoods were coming to the cave to share a holy moment at a mysterious cave. Then a mysterious picture of Virgin Mary appeared there. “Since a long time ago a procession takes place here each year” is stated in an announcement from the 7th September 1851. As the people believed in healing effects of the local water, the nobility from Spálov had a bath spa built here. The existence of the spa was confirmed already around the year 1848. Vavřinec Tichý, a nobility doctor – healer had his practice here. His tombstone is walled up in a sacristy wall of Spálov church. The spa was destroyed during a fire and was never renovated. There is a pilgrimage to this place each year on 8th September. Two natural monuments can be found within a short distance from here: Na Čermence and Fold Formation by Klokočůvek.

Vrásový soubor u Klokočůvku

Vrásový soubor u Klokočůvku

Panna Marie 1

Panna Marie 1

Panna Marie 2

Panna Marie 2

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GPS position

N 49° 43.135', E 17° 44.040'



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