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Oderské vrchy Natural Park 2

Basic information

Oderské vrchy (Odra Hills) represent the south-eastern part of Nízký Jeseník (Low Jeseník) Mountains. For the beauties of the area a natural park was declared there in the year 1994. Rich forests with countless natural sites of interest invite for a walk throughout the whole year turning into a mushroom paradise at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

Baler´s Wind Mill in Spálov

There used to be seven wind mills of German type in Spálov. Only one of them has been preserved to this day. It was named after its builder, a carpenter František Baler who built it in 1930 short after the last wooden mill in Spálov ceased to exist and his village was left without one. The miller Baler made the two-floor mill completely himself including its inner equipment and stones which he had sharpened himself. He was not only a skilful carpenter, a hatchet man and a miller after his father, but he was also a master of other crafts (he produced a several pieces of violin, a cello, bass guitar and even a piano). The windmill was in operation until 1938. After František Baler´s death in 1940 it became desolated. Baler´s mill is the smallest and the youngest of all preserved wind-mills in the Czech Republic. The mill was saved thanks to joint efforts of the mill´s owner, Mrs. Ludmila Jemelková, Circle of friends of Wind Mills at the Technical Museum in Brno, and the small town Spálov and its mayor Mrs. Marie Flodrová. We can find other interesting places nearby Spálov. Not far from here there is a mining work called Petrova skála (Peter´s rock) and Královec Nature Reserve.

Balerův mlýn 1

Balerův mlýn 1

Balerův mlýn 2

Balerův mlýn 2

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