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Oderské vrchy Natural Park 1

Basic information

Oderské vrchy (Odra Hills) represent the south-eastern part of Nízký Jeseník (Low Jeseník) Mountains. For the beauties of the area a natural park was declared there in the year 1994. Rich forests with countless natural sites of interest invite for a walk throughout the whole year turning into a mushroom paradise at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.


Oderské vrchy spread out in between Low Jeseník and Moravian Gate. Geologically they are formed by pudding stones, loess and sandy gravels. Their average height is about 650 m above the sea level. The highest peaks include Fidlův kopec (680 m), Strážisko (675 m), Radeška (671 m) and Strážná (641 m). The main ridge of Oderské vrchy including the highest peaks belong to military zone Libavá, which was founded here after the World War II, and that is why the access to this area is limited. The slopes of Oderské vrchy are covered by large mixed forests. Alluvial forests and meadows extend around free flow of Odra River. Its spring is on the slopes of Fidlův kopec nearby Kozlov settlement in the height of 633 m. There are several specially protected areas in the territory of Oderské vrchy Natural Park: Nature reserves Suchá Dora and Královec and natural monuments Na Čermence and Fold Formation by Klokočůvek.

Suchá Dora

Suchá Dora



Štola na Čermence

Štola na Čermence

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GPS position

N 49° 43.920', E 17° 45.921'



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