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Natural parks Moravian

Moravice Natural Park 2

Basic information

Moravice Natural Park is the largest protected area in Opava region. It extends in the area of 14 250 ha. Its border runs approximately along Hradec nad Moravicí, Žimrovice, Domoradovice, Melč, Nové and Staré Lublice, Kružberk, Staré and Nové Těchanovice, Březová, Skřípov, Hluboč, Raduň and Chvalíkovice.

Ruin of Vikštejn 1

Vikštějn castle was most probably founded in the half of the 13th century and was named after its founder Vítek of Kravaře. Its purpose was to protect the southern part of Opava principality. At the times of its foundation, alike many other castles, it was not too big. It probably had only one residential tower and a courtyard with homestead at the back. It was surrounded by a strong wall and embrasures. There are no records about the background of its oldest owners. The castle was damaged in the Thirty Years´ War during the Danes and Swedes invasion. In the year 1648 the Silesian provincial commander Gonzaga had it blown up. It was renovated by Vilém Alexandr Oderský of Lidéřov in 1657. During the years 1774–1776 a chateau was built in Dubová and the castle was abandoned, left to its own fate and turned into a ruin.

Vikštejn 1

Vikštejn 1

Vikštejn 2

Vikštejn 2

Vikštejn 3

Vikštejn 3

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GPS position

N 49° 48.265', E 17° 46.395'



Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje
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