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Amphibians and reptiles

Basic Information

Rezavka Nature Reserve is the habitat of many amphibian and reptile species which it owes to its wetlands and Vrbno pond. The following species were observed in this area: common newt, tree frog, yellow-bellied toad, common toad, edible frog, marsh frog. We can see a grass snake at the pond and meet a slowworm and a sand lizard in the meadows. European Tree Frog (Hyla arborea) is a rather small green frog which has the ability to change its colour to a certain extent according to the place it occupies. It uses the discs on its toes to climb straws and trees.

Slowworm (Anguis fragilis) belongs between lizard species in spite of the fact that its look resembles a snake. By no means is it a dangerous species. On the contrary, it is quite useful as it feeds on slugs, various insects and especially larvae, mainly butterfly caterpillars.

Hyla arborea

Hyla arborea

Kuňčí reflex

Kuňčí reflex

Anguis fragilis

Anguis fragilis

Useful information


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GPS position

N 49° 48.137', E 18° 12.205'



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