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Flora in Rezavka Nature Reserve

Spring aspect

We can observe so-called spring aspect very well in an alluvial forest. The spring aspect represents the vegetation of photophilous, perennial herbs which grow, bloom and spawn in early spring before foliation. Afterwards they die and their above-ground parts are not perceptible in the summer any more. In this way they take use of the light in forests before their foliation. Among the plants that we can observe in Rezavka Nature Reserve belong for example the Common Snow Drop (Galanthus nivalis), Lesser Celandine (Ficaria bulbifera), Yellow Star of Bethlehem (Gagea lutea), Lungworts (Pulmonaria officinalis) and corydalis (Corydalis cava).

Protected species

Apart from the already mentioned snow drops we can find severely endangered Epipactis albensis, Turk´s Cap Lilly (Lilium martagon) known for its beautiful flowers and endangered Epipactis purpurata. Berry – Bearing Catchfly (Cucubalus baccifer), Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus) and Hacquetia epipactis are other species that grow in the meadow. These species are classified as regionally significant.

Ficaria bulbifera

Ficaria bulbifera

Gagea lutea

Gagea lutea

Corydalis cava

Corydalis cava

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